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251115 | janina

New York has it all-even Chalk Point Kitchen.

If you’ve been to New York, you probably remember that making up your mind about restaurants is really hard. There are too many amazing places and they are in every single neighborhood. Even in Queens! One of my favorite restaurants in downtown New York is the Chalk Point Kitchen in SoHo. It has everything: a great atmosphere, ingenuous décor, and delectable food.

Sitting on a comfy leather bench, at a corner table with some friends I enjoyed the best view of the downtown patrons. A mix of casual hipsters, model moms and people out on online dates all mingling happily together. My eyes gazed around, admiring the array of collectible items that adorn the restaurant. Noted architect Chien Dao designed the interior, using with Polaroid photos, barn house lampshades and antique furniture. Walking in, I immediately knew I had found an oasis of serenity and comfort.

As a spoiled (expat) New Yorker, I however expected the best food…and luckily got it! Chalk Point Kitchen chef Joe Isidori, who holds a Michelin star, prepares ingredients exclusively from local farms. As a so-called ‘Farm-to-Table restaurant,’ this SoHo spot is among the gastronomic trendsetters for artisanal and craft creations.

Being part of the slow food movement, the dishes are made from scratch and from seasonal ingredients only. As a European (and a picky eater!) I am a hard sell. The average food quality is just really high in my fatherland. Luckily, I was not disappointed but incredibly satisfied with the food and the restaurant’s dedication to ecologic responsibility.

My lunch consisted of a healthy but hearty quinoa salad bowl, which was delicious! The balance of flavors and texture was perfect with avocado chunks, baked ricotta balls and toasted nuts. My skinny friends shared the fried fish BLT and the baked zucchini cheese sandwich. I allowed myself to taste them and they were absolutely delicious without being too greasy. I wish I had ordered one for myself! Next time.

Non-carnivores love the menu because of the variety of scrumptious vegetarian sides, which are perfect for sharing. We snacked on the avocado potato hash but really loved the sweet-savory butternut squash-ricotta chunks!

My experience at Chalk Point Kitchen was everything I had hoped for: an escape from the daily hussle and bussle that simply allows me to catch up with good friends over a great meal. Probably gossiping about men and fashion.

Chalk Point Kitchen
527 Broome Street (near Thompson)
New York, NY 10013
+ 1 212 390 0327