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east to go – Onlineshop with new look

010816 | Redaktion

You can´t get enough of the east? With our new online shop, you will be able to get a piece of the east right home to you. You might know our little Boutique, which is next to our reception and gets taken care of by our lovely Concierge Peter. But did you also know that from now on you are able to order all of our products with a few clicks to your beloved home? A great opportunity to put a smile onto the faces of your loved ones. Homemade jams, our self-created east Gin and Tonic Water, the famous Tumbler glasses and some of our tasty exclusive wines are only a few of our items from our shop. If you´re looking for a last-minute present you are able to get vouchers for every part of the east cosmos too. You can print out these vouchers easily at home and have your present ready right away to give away.

east Online shop in a new design

And now follows the cherry on the top: We edited our online shop and gave it a complete new style, which has been inspired by your wishes and suggestions for changes. Now it´s even easier to order our products. The shop is very clearly arranged and has even more exclusive products to offer. It´s also possible to order everything by mobile phone. Every category of our shop has an improved organization and you can see photos of all of your favorite east products. Fill your cart and pay your order by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. We guarantee a safe payment.

If it has to be fast

Online shopping the easy way: You are now able to create an account for our online shop. Your data will be stored and will make any further orders even faster. There will be no need to put in your billing address and shipping address all over again. You also have the opportunity to check for your order to see when it will be delivered at your place. Do you want to surprise someone? That´s no problem either, because you can put in diverse shipping addresses at the east Shop, thanks to our new register system.

Don´t miss our special offers

If you would like to get informed about all of our special offers you can now subscribe to our east Newsletter. Many discounts will be waiting for you. Register now and you will always be up-to-date.

Bigger choice

Next to our fancy long drink glasses, our big range of east CDs and many more nice presents, you can also buy our east care products from now on at our east Shop. Get tickets for all of our legendary east events online or vouchers for one of our well-known locations, which you can print out straight away at home and use for a dinner at the clouds, the coast by east or the coast enoteca, a night at the east hotel or a relaxing massage at our spa area. We made sure that everyone would find something they would like at our east online shop!

We´re looking forward to your visit at our east online shop: www.east-shop.de!