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Friends & Fellows

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A home far away from home, hospitality, dining with friends, warmth and friendly words.

This is how east cosmos welcomes his guests. Many of our regulars became valued friends. Why this, they tell us here.

Charles Afrika Islam aka Charlie Funk loves cheesecake, chinese chicken wings, free upgrades and girls with curves. He is the hardest working DJ in the world and is staying at east since 2008. 2 or 3 times every month. He compares the east staff with the TV show “Friends” because “they all take really good care of me.” Afrika’s perfect happyness is to see his friends and family happy. His greatest luxury is time. “Take a break and watch a 3D movie at a cinema in BKK with some popcorn is great!” He also enjoys a free highway and having the time to watch the ocean. The New York guy travels between Bangkok, Berlin and Hamburg and has a good advice for everybody: Enjoy your life! We are very much looking forward to chat with you again!