Music to go



The east cosmos has produced music for every taste over the past years:

The complete series in the east CD Box includes the east compilations Ginger, Jasmin, Lotus, Mandarin and Cinnamon – each available as a double CD.

clouds has re-interpreted the greatest pop hits of the last decades including “In The Air Tonight” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in a mix of chanson and jazz to fit with the outlook over the clouds and the horizon.

With the two uppereast CDs, DJ legend Francesco Diaz is once again setting new trends. Lovers of good beats can look forward to house tracks produced by the Ministry of Sound. This disc is guaranteed to get you in the mood for a club night or a private party evening.

The coast CD heralds the arrival of a new sound wave. Summer, sun, cocktails and the best vibes for a perfect day by the sea thanks to DJ PING!

You can listen to a little taster in the east cosmos Music Player.

We have music to go in our shop or at the hotel reception.