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What you need to know about the Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie

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Do you already know the „Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie“?

…this is what the gastronomic locations at the Elbphilharmonie are called. The east is also part of this big venture which opened on November 4th. Christoph Strenger (CEO of the east hotel) and the Störtebeker brew manufactury collaborated for this exciting project at the Elbphilharmonie. The beer manufactury signed their lease contract for three different gastronomic objects twelve years ago.

Three different gastronomic concepts

The gastronomy appears on three different floors of the Elbphilharmonie:

Beer & Dine on the 5th floor

The restaurant is located on the fifth floor of the new landmark of Hamburg and stands for modern and Nordic cuisine – typical for the North of Europe. A big panoramic window offers our guests a stunning and unique view over the harbor.

Taste & Shop on the 6th floor

Dive into the world of the Störtebeker brewing manufactury at our tasting area with a Störtebeker flagship store on the 6th floor. You will meet beer specialists who will give you an unforgettable tasting experience. You get to try 20 different beers on tap and to top it off: the shop area has a large range of exclusive presents. Beer tastings take place daily and include corresponding snacks.

Deck & Deli on the 8th floor

At the famous Plaza of the Elbphilharmonie you will find the Deck & Deli. Enjoy a breathtaking view with the Störtebeker beer specialities with a variety of savoury and sweet snacks, alcoholic drinks and ice cream. You can get all of these items to go if you like to take a walk around the Plaza.

New Year’s Eve at the Elbphilharmonie

Would you like to dine at the most exclusive location of Hamburg on New Year´s Eve? The Beer & Dine offers a delightful 7-course meal. Combine your dinner with an overnight stay or two at the east Hotel.

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How do I get a Plaza ticket?

The Plaza is a public area, which is 37 m high and offers a great view over the port of Hamburg. Everyone is able to enter the area with a “Plaza ticket”. You can get the ticket online for EUR 2,00. The ticket is valid for a certain time of the day. A ticket for the same day is free of charge. Every guest of our Beer & Dine restaurant will get a valid Plaza ticket via E-Mail with the booking confirmation and is able to enter the area one our in advance of the reservation.

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Still looking for the perfect Christmas present?

A beer tasting at the Taste & Shop, a quick yummy snack at the Deck & Deli or a delightful dinner with a stunning view at the Beer & Dine. You are able to choose what you like with a voucher for the Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie. Buy them online here. If you need more inspiration, why don´t you have a look at our new east Online shop. You can put a smile onto the faces of your loved ones with any of these presents.