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Von Foodies und Selfies

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Foodies & Selfies

“Oh that looks delicious! Wait, let me just take a quick pic for Facebook!” While my friend Harold in New York is slowly giving up the habit, it’s suddenly becoming more and more popular in German restaurants. That’s right, photos of food!


Why do people take photos of what they’re eating?

Possible explanations could include:

“I eat therefore I am!”

“Look at this, I can actually afford this posh restaurant!”

“I have a spot on my face today, but my evening meal looks great!”

Or maybe it’s much simpler than that? In the past we used to eat as a family, with everyone sat at one table, all deep in discussion. These days it’s just a matter of minutes before the first smartphone appears, “just for a quick look”, with everyone else at the table soon following suit. Moments later all hope of a conversation has disappeared.

The reason for this is pretty obvious! Our lives no longer play out in a small, enclosed radius. We have all become cosmopolitan. On school exchanges, semesters abroad and business trips we get to know so many people we then try to keep in touch with. Sitting at one table and chatting over food is hard to keep up every day. But I can take selfies of myself and foodies of my lunch, then send them around the world and my friend in Brazil so she knows exactly what I’m up to. She can take a look whilst she’s having breakfast with her family and everyone’s starring at their phones …

There are some restaurants in the US that are not happy at all with diners using their smartphones at the dinner table, as Markus Werner writes (in German) in an article for Wirtschaftswoche.

People are apparently spending longer sat at their tables as they’re online for so long, and revenues are down as a result.

We see this differently here in the east cosmos! We think it’s great! Tell the world where you are right now. Tag your photos and tweet as if there’s no tomorrow. We are your living room and bedroom, and we want you to feel as though you’re staying with friends. You’re always welcome, whatever the time of day. We’ll take group photos for you and set up a nicelydecorated selfie corner at your parties if you want.

Sven Stillich at the German Zeit Online has devoted himself “fully to delicious snapshots”.

The Kölner Stadtanzeiger has also published an overview of what diners may and may not do in restaurants.

The Schweizer Tagesanzeiger carried out a survey and discovered that every second person takes photographs of their food. And because it is so common, some guests sadly forget their good manners and start climbing on their chairs and turning the flash on. That is really going a little too far!

And then there are those types who have countless friends on Facebook because they have happen to have captured their girlfriends breasts in the background of every foodie shot – no matter what food is on the table. In that case we tend to favour tasty sushi photos over naked flesh …!