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091217 | Redaktion

The Epitome of Well-Being

Katja Limbach is Deputy Manager of east Sporting Club and east Mandarin Body & Soul. She manages coordination of the team at east Sporting Club, particularly on reception. At the Mandarin body & soul spa, Katja is responsible for instructing cosmetics and massage to the trainees.


What’s the most important thing about a spa or cosmetic treatment?

Catering to guests’ wishes and needs is more important than anything else. I want to know who the person is and how I can make him or her happy. I asked them about any skin irritations or complaints they might have, how they would describe their skin, e.g. if it is blemished or perhaps dry. I delve a little deeper to discover the cause, try to find out what we can do to combat it and what they can do at home in the long run.

What kind of guests come to you?

We have members from the Sporting Club. Hotel guests also come to us of course, usually at the weekend. And many Hamburg residents as well.

What would you recommend to someone who only has half an hour to spare?

We have various quick treatments available for people who want to look fresher, just switch off for a moment and rejuvenate themselves before going to their next meeting. Like the “Cicé Lifting Kick”. This focuses in on skincare, stimulating circulation with a pressure point massage on the face and head, and relaxing the entire body this way by honing in on the meridians.

What can people do at home for relaxation and well-being?

It is important to set time aside to focus on yourself! This might include cleansing and skincare, supporting the skin and protecting it from stressful environmental influences such as the sun, heat and harmful emissions. It should ideally become a ritual, like brushing your teeth.

Another good thing to do is simply nothing at all for half an hour, just listening to some nice music. Make sure you turn off your phone and TV, and just listen!



What would you recommend to men when it comes to their body & soul?

More and more men are paying closer attention to looking good and treating themselves to a manicure, pedicure or facial. A massage too to relieve stress and muscular aches and pains can also work wonders for a stress-out mind. Men should take more time out for themselves and not be so tough on themselves and their body.

What seasonal differences should we be bearing in mind?

The climate and external influences on the skin, body and soul are very different in the summer compared to the winter. Our treatments, active ingredients and products vary in line with these changes.

In summer we tend to go for fresh, cooling, light skincare, e.g. a with a fluid and perhaps the aroma of fresh lemons. In winter we’d prefer applying a rich crème, while the fragrances tend to be stronger, cozier, warmer, perhaps with vanilla or cinnamon.

Do you have any insider tips after a night out partying?

Personally my power drink of choice is a green smoothie with spinach and chia seeds. It replenishes what the body has lost in terms of minerals overnight and provides you with renewed strength from within.

Removing all make-up is really important for your appearance and complexion. A fresh, intensive moisturising mask will also help, as will green cucumber or an eye cushion for a positive start to the day.

Anyone who has danced the night away might also benefit from a foot massage. Light exercise such as yoga or pilates will relax and give you renewed strength – even at home.

What is your favourite treatment and why?

I personally most love receiving a head or foot massage. Both of these are areas that relax the entire body when the reflex zones and energy points are stimulated. I also love pedicures and beautiful feet!

When it comes to carrying out treatments on other people, I most like doing pedicures or make-up, because I get to see direct results. I also like giving massages – either a classic massage or a Swedish massage. I get the chance to adapt it guests’ specific needs or complaints.


Katja’s last word:

Taking time-out for yourself is always a good idea. Cosmetics, massages, exercise, nutrition and sauna trips all contribute to our well-being. And ideally you should try to combine all of these elements into your routine!

Curious to find out more? Then visit our Mandarin body & soul team in east!